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Saigon Pacific


Since 2023, Sai Gon Pacific has turned our focus to investing and boosting air freight service, no matter how fledged we are, Sai Gon Pacific becomes one of the master coleaders winning export volume. We are agent and partner working with 12 major airlines in Vietnam namely Vietnam Airlines, Singapore...


With our Sea Freight service, customers can arrange shipment for large cargos easily from/to anywhere in the world, avoiding off-load shipment at departure port or transit port. Our Sea Freight Service can afford any shipment request to all local/international seaports with optimal transport solutions.


We are the premier provider of international express service for businesses of all sizes. Our global network of trusted carriers, advanced tracking technology, and dedicated customer service team make it easy for you to ship


We provide effective logistics solutions at the best cost possible to help our customers grow and stay competitive in today’s market situation. You can rely on us from a small shipment to oversize cargo to project cargo. Our expert personnel will arrange logistic moves from any point of origin to...


SAI GON PACIFIC CARGO provides customs clearance services nationwide with a licensed customs agent certificate and a team who understands policies and procedures. For an import – export shipment, the lack, delay or error in the document will greatly affect the delivery of goods, causing many costs and affecting the...

The company promise

As a contractor we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.